...where your child receives individualized instruction ensuring that your child is never bored but instead always challenged. 
Imagine a school that engages the whole child not just academically but also socially, emotionally and physically.  Montessori enjoys world renowned success because it draws on a child’s inherent love of learning.
Imagine your child in a classroom, collaborating
with teachers and other students of different ages. 
Our multi-age classrooms initially offer your 
youngerchild role models to learn from, later as 
the older child they learn leadership qualities.  
Montessori gives your child a foundation upon 
which their entire educationcan be built upon.
Imagine a teacher that sparks your child’s
imagination, fosters their interest, and encourages
your child's interest in expanding upon lessons. 
Imagine your child harvesting peanuts from their classroom garden. On any given day you can find our children gardening, cooking, enjoying the outdoors, or studying off-site.
Imagine a more independent child, respectful of others, confident, self-motivated, that has learned to think outside of the box, and loves school.  We can help your child become that person!
Imagine giving your child the education you wish you could have had!
 Imagine a school...                 (678)208-3148
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                   Montessori School at Emory                     Montessori School of Cumming
  Friday, February 14th our Emory campus will delay opening until 9:00 am            and our Cumming campus will open at the normal 7:00 am time