Vertical Roller Mill

Vertical Roller Mill

Promote The Transformation And Upgrading Of Clusters Brewing Qualitative

Vertical Roller Mill Supplier quantity, efficiency but poor; a large number of products sold, the economic benefits obtained is limited. Experienced difficulties caused extensive management, Vertical Roller Mill Supplier in India increasingly aware of the need to use technology armed industry, changes in product mix, extend the industrial chain, promoting intensive development.

“Our company is engaged in one of the earlier mineral processing equipment manufacturing enterprises, but in the past due to the low single product structure, technology content, once a loss. In recent years, the Government has been increasing support, encourage technological innovation, our company also So gradually grow into new product development ability of high-tech enterprises, has developed more than 20 kinds of new products, access to five national patents. “says by Vertical Roller Mill Supplier in India, 2014, the corporate research and innovation outstanding achievements, have been identified as high-tech enterprises in India.

To promote Vertical Roller Mill Supplier upgrade and India vigorously implement the precision of cultivation projects, specially formulated policies to support industry development plan and establish Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturing Industrial Park, guided industrial clusters, large-scale development. India has also set up Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturers Association, tour guide business development, and constantly enhance the voice market; Meanwhile, India through the industrial chain investment, the introduction of powerful Vertical Roller Mill Supplier and related upstream and downstream businesses, reduce production costs, and enhance overall competitiveness; on high technological content, good economic returns, driving ability of Vertical Roller Mill business, giving India a number of preferential policies of land, taxation, credit, etc., and help companies and universities, research centers the contact, to promote industrial restructuring and upgrading to provide technical support and a series of support initiatives brewing India Vertical Roller Mill Supplier of qualitative change.

Today, Indian Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturing Industrial Park, has attracted 81 Vertical Roller Mill Supplier settled in the park “depression” effect has become more apparent. In the first half of this year, India Vertical Roller Mill Supplier main business income of 120 million yuan.