Sand Making Machine

Sand Making Machine

Market of Sand Making Machine in China

The current international financial crisis resulting from the essence of a certain impact on economic development; machinery industry irrational industrial structure, growth, are deep-seated contradictions and problems directly restricts Market of Sand Making Machine sustainable development; Market of Sand Making Machine in China is at a crucial stage of the industry towards a qualitative change.

From a policy point of view, Market of Sand Making Machine must further implement the “two restructuring and revitalization plan,” a long-term, solid innovation-driven, endogenous growth basis, to seize the post-crisis era Market of Sand Making Machine commanding heights of development in China.

First, adjust the structure, it is imperative Market of Sand Making Machine is to accelerate the development of structural adjustment

Market of Sand Making Machine restructuring main tasks are: the use of information technology to transform and upgrade traditional, improve production process automation, information, intelligence level; the use of high-tech, advanced real-use technologies to upgrade Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder quality, and promote the integration of information technology and industrialization; relying on the state’s major science and technology projects and major technical equipment projects, breaking the constraints Market of Sand Making Machine development of the core technology, research and development of key technologies and key equipment, key parts, upgrade international competitiveness; development of low-carbon technologies and create green, the market should be the energy, water, materials, efficient, Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder pollution emissions, in line with policy development and market demand environmentally friendly, intelligent, digital high-value Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder, meet high efficiency, high parametric, integrated and flexible operation and user needs Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder.

Second, the adjustment of product structure, improve product quality of growth

Market of Sand Making Machine restructuring, changes in development, and ultimately reflected in the adjustment of product structure and quality of growth. Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder industrial restructuring main ways:

In national, industry-level R & D centers, laboratories as the backbone, the popularity of the development of industry-specific technology development alliance, as soon as possible to establish industry innovation system and play a role; Market of the key constraints Sand Making Machine in China to upgrade the break technology, accelerate the Market of Sand Making Machine in China by the technical imitation, technical track to technological innovation, technology integration and the transition from limited to middle and low-grade equipment, top technology and equipment to enter; to innovative products, innovative technology, and create more tall fine tip Machine To Crush Chalk Into Powder, rising sets of major technical equipment.

Closed Cause Stagnation, Seeking A Way To Open Up

“In the 1970s, India has been the first mineral processing equipment manufacturer, has employed 91 people.” Recently, about India Sand Making Machine industry in the development process, the Indian private Sand Making Machine Manufacturer Administration Secretary James Mandarin familiar.

Tu Wen Hua told reporters, Sand Making Machine manufacturing in India’s development history is long, but due to limitations of current market, policy and the level of awareness and other factors, to the late 1990s, India Sand Making Machine Industry once troubled. “Then Sand Making Machine Industry Although occupy half of Indian industry, but basically only quantity is not quality. Scale slightly larger Sand Making Machine Manufacturer simply abandon their original market while ignoring technological innovation, small Sand Making Machine Manufacturer strength of incompetence can not be technological innovation, a direct result Sand Making Machine Manufacturer high cost of production, product design obsolete, compared with similar Sand Making Machine Manufacturer uncompetitive in other areas. developed later, many small Sand Making Machine Manufacturer have closed, part of a larger Sand Making Machine Manufacturer can only rely on the meager profits barely support. “Tu Wen-hua said.

This situation lasted until the beginning of this century, the role of market selection and survival of the fittest, India eliminated a large number of backward production capacity of small Sand Making Machine Manufacturer, Sand Making Machine Manufacturer in steep decline, the relative strength of the Sand Making Machine Manufacturer began to face technological obsolescence, thinking occlusion, the market narrow issue, vigorously broaden horizons, technical innovation, India Sand Making Machine industry gradually get rid of the downward curve began to rise development.

Now, into India Sand Making Machine Industry Park, you can see a large trucks queued up the goods, within Sand Making Machine Manufacturer workshop weld spatter, stepping up production of the busy scene, “Up to now, India Sand Making MachineSand Making Machine Manufacturer can produce re-election, flotation and magnetic separation class mining equipment 30 kinds of more than 170 models, covering almost all the essential varieties of non-ferrous metal processing machinery. with complete variety and reliable quality, India the Sand Making Machine similar products in the country has a higher market share in Fujian, Yunnan, Guangxi, Guizhou, Hunan, Henan, market share up 80%, and embarked on a road to open up overseas markets, industry has entered a stage of healthy development. “Tu Wen-hua said.